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You might be asking the very understandable question “where has this been all my life?”  And if you’re not, keep reading to find out why you should be.


About Comic Wisdom:


The news is exhausting. The world is a shitshow, the major news outlets are a joke, and I’m not the only American who relied far too heavily on Jon Stewart to find out what was happening in the world (before we lost him to retired beard-dom, may he chill in peace).  Who the hell has the energy to keep up with it all without going totally bananas or getting insanely depressed?


No one, that’s who.


That’s where Comic Wisdom comes in.  We’re here to provide insight into it all, with a sense of humor.  Most of our posts are written by our founder Samantha Clarke, and we also regularly interview or chat with other comedians, stand-up comics and humor writers and bloggers too!



Oh, So the Name…

Yes, the name. It’s pretty cute, huh!  Comic, of course, is used to mean both funny and comedian, so it fits—we bring you funny wisdom from funny people!



About Samantha Clarke:



About Samantha Clarke | Comic Wisdom



Samantha Clarke is a seasoned writer, comedian, and socially conscious blogger from Portland, Oregon–home of the bearded hipster.  Samantha does not have a beard herself, but has been called all kinds of names from “feminist c*nt” to “social justice warrior,” most of which she takes as compliments.


You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, where she is varying degrees of engaged (she doesn’t Pinterest very well, but she’s excellent at the tweets).


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