For Hire


What’s that you say?  Samantha Clarke offers more than just regular, in-depth, thoughtful pieces with a sense of humor (and way too many Tweets for a healthy human being)?

That’s right!  In fact Samantha’s old site was called “Jill of all Trades” specifically because homegirl can do a LOT of different stuff.

Here’s what you can hire her to do:


No duh, right?  Except not everyone realizes a given blogger is also willing to do freelance work, and surprise!  Samantha is!  It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, if you are interested, just ask.  It doesn’t hurt.  If it’s for a good cause and you can’t pay, try asking anyway–exceptions are sometimes made.


That’s right, she can edit too!  She’s been doing it both for herself and professionally since high school, so if you need help with that book you just wrote or your resume or a blog post or a podcast episode or even someone to eyeball your new Twitter bio, feel free to reach out.


Looking for a public speaker at your next event?  A blogger, writer, poet, podcaster, socialist, activist, slightly funny person, Twitter user, kitty companion, minimalist, walking enthusiast and/or specialist in the art of packing a moving box?  Hit me up, yo.  That can be arranged.


Need a website?  A logo?  A Twitter cover image?  Samantha has been at it for ages on all her own projects, as well as for various employers and contract jobs as well.  She’s done websites for everyone from comedy podcasts to real estate developers to accountants, and logos for all of those plus some.  You want someone with a modern eye, a sense of humor, good communication and loads of possibly-unwarranted advice, she’s your woman!


Speaking of which!  Samantha Clarke has created several websites, worked with social media, marketing, advertising, and design, has written books and poetry and articles and think-pieces, has worked on and created podcasts, has worked 15 different day jobs (not even sure that’s an exaggeration, totally lost count), has been through several different diet, exercise, relationship, moving, religion, politics, home, ethics and lifestyle changes and is generally pretty okay at stuff.  If you think she might be able to help you as a new blogger, a struggling millennial, a wannabe vegan who just loves cheese a little too much, someone looking for creative ways to make side money, someone who wants to start a podcast, or any other part of life that seems relevant–reach out.  You might be able to pay her a few bucks for some valuable assistance.

Long-Term Coaching:

Yeah, sure.  Samantha ain’t no therapist so don’t get the wrong idea, but she’s a woman, so she’s already kind of an expert at long-term emotional support.  Take that advice idea and run with it on the regular, long-term, if you want to.  Google Hangouts is pretty rad and Samantha is not opposed to a weekly or monthly sesh.

You Can Pay Her Just Because You Appreciate All The Things She Does For Free, Too:

Did you know Samantha puts in a solid 10-20 hours in a given week to write, edit, maintain, post and promote just her blog and other projects?  Not counting her one full-time job, her second part-time job, her political/activist commitments, the books she’s written and is writing, and paying attention to her partner and two cats.

Well, if you follow this blog or enjoy her presence on Twitter or just appreciate something she did for free, and money is a thing you can share sometimes, you can show your appreciation on Patreon!  It’s a site sort of like Kickstarter, but for monthly donations of your chosen level to help support your favorite artists–and the best part is, it still has rewards at each level, just like Kickstarter!

It’s kinda the bomb dot com, and every dollar helps, so please do check it out.  At least click the link and watch my embarrassing “please give me money video” for a good giggle, if nothing else!