Why Abortion Rights are an Anti-Capitalist Issue

Why Abortion Rights are an Anti-Capitalist Issue | Comic Wisdom

We all know that the powers that be want to control women.  Right?  That’s what feminism is all about.  Call it the system, the patriarchy, “the man,” the ruling class, the state, whatever you want, we all agree that women are pretty systematically fucked over.  At least everyone reasonable does.  If you don’t even believe women’s oppression is real, good damn day and please DO let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

But here’s something feminists have been floundering on for decades: why?  What’s the point of controlling women?  Is it for sex?  Is it so they only have your babies?  Is it because men are by nature abusive and controlling?  Is it because they’re generally physically larger and more dominant?  Is it…is it lizard people?

Here’s my theory.  Well, not my theory.  Here’s a theory put together by a ton of people smarter than me and which I think makes the most sense.

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Just Delete It: A Minimalist-Ish Guide to De-Cluttering

Just Delete It: A Minimalist-Ish Guide to De-Cluttering | Comic Wisdom


I guess this isn’t really about politics or social issues, but about general wellbeing, so if you usually come here for that stuff feel free to skip this one.  I get it.

But you might find this post relevant to your own life and how it relates to dealing with politics and social issues.

Because here’s the thing.  I’ve been an activist for several years now, mainly writing and doing other online promotion and discussion of major social issues as I was isolated and moving frequently.  More recently, though–more or less since Trump won the Republican primary election–I’ve been involved in a deeper way, both in my activism and my personal life.

Since his inauguration I have, in fact, reevaluated my political beliefs, joined a political activist organization, and rearranged my entire life around this enormous new project.  On top of the tripled burden of keeping up with and analyzing the news that came with the election and hasn’t slowed down for a second, I now have regular weekly meetings, nearly-weekly protests, marches or extra meetings, and hours and hours of reading to do with this organization.

All that on top of my full-time job, my second part-time job, this blog, my podcast, my friends and family, my boyfriend, and my cats…well, it was hitting me hard.

Like, I’ve been sick 12 of the past 21 days.

I realized I had to clean up my life.  So I started with a few areas I knew I had control over.


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Do We Really Need Police?

Do We Need Police? | Comic Wisdom

Most of us, even if we have never had a good relationship with the police, take them for granted.  They’re necessary, right?  Don’t we need police?  Aren’t they a natural part of any civilized society?

I want to delve into the history of the police in the U.S. for a bit here and then we can analyze whether they’re necessary at all, because–stay with me–I’m not so sure they are.


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Yes, Feminists Can Be Sexually Submissive

Yes, Feminists Can Be Sexually Submissive | Comic Wisdom


*Handful of Warnings*
1. Possible triggers–I talk a bit about abuse.
2. NSFW, probably.


I, being the perv that I am, started thinking about this, like, WAY too young.  But I really got opinionated about it in the wake of the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon, as I wrote about previously on my old site Jill of all Trades.  To the point where I came out publicly as a kink just so I could talk plainly about how much bullshit it was.


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Kellyanne Conway’s Internal Monologue Part 1

Kellyanne Conway's Internal Monologue Part 1 | Comic Wisdom

“There you go, Donald…just like we practiced…D…O…N…A…”

“Oh Jesus Christ almighty, what is that smell?  Is that Bannon?  God, Priebus smells it too, that’s definitely his trying-not-to-register-disgust face.  He smells like…sulfur.  I wonder if it’s egg farts or if he’s actually a demon fresh from hell.”

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What Does It Really Mean to Be on the Radical Side of History?

What Does It Really Mean to Be on the Radical Side of History? | Comic Wisdom

*Today’s topic is discussed wordily and humorlessly by Samantha Clarke. If you make it all the way through, you get to read the joke at the end.  May the odds be ever in your favor.*

Most Americans, so fascinated with individual morality and heroism, generally face a certain question at some point in their youth: if placed in history, would I have done the right thing even if I differed from the majority?

Fun, I know. Here we go.

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Everyone Is Funnier Than Us – Ep. 12: Now With 12% More Cat

Kitty Sleeping | Comic Wisdom

Haven’t downloaded the latest episode of the hottest new podcast to grace the airwaves? You should click on one of the links below to download this episode now. We’re also available on Pocket Casts.  Subscribe a little, maybe.

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Or, if you’re one of those “listens in your browser” weirdos, here it is for you:

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The Radicalizing Left

The Radicalizing Left | Comic Wisdom

You talk to the Socialists, the Democratic Socialists, the Communists or another far left group in this country and they’ll all tell you the same thing: we don’t have a true left wing here.

Much of Europe would agree; their socialist parties have weight and are taken seriously and are sometimes even elected to high office. Our socialists (even the super moderate, pro-capitalism types) are laughed off, and that’s an improvement over 40 years or so ago when they were literally a persecuted minority group, wrongfully imprisoned and totally ostracized in the stupidest witch-hunt since the actual witch-hunts.

Our politicians who are considered to be far on the left—like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren—would be considered moderates in most of Europe. And I think most political scientists would, in fact, agree with that.

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