Hi friends! Most of you know I do some podcast stuff here and there…I write for one here and used to be on one there, to be specific.

Go check both of them out, Unpops is the bomb dot com and is definitely taking over the world–move the fuck aside, Joe Rogan–and Tim at Everyone is Funnier Than Us is still better at long-form jokes and making geography interesting than anyone else in the podcast world.

Anyway, though…enough about everyone else. This is about me.

Just kidding, it’s actually more about you. And I’m not just saying that to be like Trump’s staff, who totally sprinkle his name into important documents to keep him reading. (I’m dead serious.)

No, this is legitimately about you. Okay, and me too a little.

The sitch: I’m trying to think of better rewards to offer my wonderful, beautiful followers (like you!).  Some of you already subscribe on Patreon, and you are the best ever, but I want to offer something that more people will be interested in.  I have a few people signed up for a monthly poem, but poetry is really not for everyone and I want to offer some really cool content options for patrons besides just the knowledge you’re helping me keep producing all the shit I already produce.

You’re doing something special, so you should get something special!

So I was thinking, maybe I can do a podcast! It would probably be just me most of the time, but hey, I have friends…maybe I could have a guest once in a while too. It would be a cool place for me to get into all my wacky theories and all my leftist rants, and tell some jokes while I’m at it. You might be surprised how (sometimes unintentionally) hilarious I am when I get going, especially if I’m being recorded.

A nervous Samantha is a funny Samantha. Yay being uncomfortable for comedy!


Podcast? | Comic Wisdom
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Here’s the thing though: I need some input from you, my readers and followers and supporters. I need to know what kinds of topics you’d be interested to hear about (please leave comments or contact me directly at samanthaclarke@comicwisdom.com!), and I also need to know how much I should charge if I’m putting up a podcast, say, 1-2 times a month.

Also, of course, if it’s successful and people are happy with it, I would consider adding more episodes for a higher price point. But for now I’m looking to offer something valuable to my subscribers at a low cost.

So if you’re into this or if you’re not into it or if you have thoughts, please share in the comments below and answer the poll as well!

And thank you! You are beautiful swans!

<3 Samantha


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June 26, 2017 - July 3, 2017
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  • Gah. I left for the long weekend and didn’t get a chance to vote 🙁

    I could probably convince hubs to let me get away with $3 a month, unless the conversion gets even worse 🙁