Shameless Self-Plugging Book Giveaway

Hey y’all.  Did I mention I wrote a book?  Of poetry?  I definitely did, several times, on my Twitter and Facebook pages.  But woo-hoo, the obnoxious sharing has officially spread to the blog itself!


The Knowing of Being Loved: A Collection of Love Poems by Samantha Clarke | Comic Wisdom


I think it’s half-decent, and if you like poetry even a little bit I think you’ll like it.  It comes in paperback or it’s just a buck for the Kindle version, so you can’t miss!

Anyway, to promote it (and also to thank my readers for all the support they’ve given me, ya’ll are the reason I even had the courage to publish this) I’m doing a giveaway!  1 lucky winner gets a free paperback copy, and 5 get the PDF e-book!  There are lots of ways to sign up so check them out, and feel free to share this with your friends.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

In other news I’m also now on Patreon, so if you appreciate my work and want to give me a buck a month or so to keep going you can unlock cool prizes and shit.  If you don’t have an “art patron” budget which Lord knows most of us don’t, you can still help me out by sharing it with your friends on Twitter or Facebook, or sending it to your grandma’s somehow-still-functioning EarthLink email address.

Yay!  Things are happening in the Comic Wisdom world!



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