Ain’t Nobody Got Time for #TrumpRussia

Ain't Nobody Got Time for #TrumpRussia | Comic Wisdom


Okay, before 90% of my readership punches me square in the gut for even daring to suggest we stop focusing on Trump’s Russian connections, let me just say I DO think there’s sufficient evidence of collusion to warrant an independent investigation, and I don’t think it’s all just bullshit or anything.

Please bear with me here, because my argument is not so bold as to say the Russia thing deserves zero attention.  I think it deserves some attention.  But, like, maybe 10% of what it’s been getting.  And I will explain why.


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Do We Still Hold That Spirit?

Do We Still Hold That Spirit? | Comic Wisdom

I have never sung a patriotic song with more heart than I did last night.

Unfortunately, it was not because I shared in the joy and triumph inherent in those songs, but because of the tragic fear of losing what they stand for. It was because it was the evening before our next President was sworn in: Donald Trump, a racist, sexist, xenophobic sexual abuser with strong and deeply suspicious ties to a hostile foreign government, nepotistic tendencies, and financial conflicts of interest out the ears.  A man with a dangerous idea of militaristic power, of nationalism, and of war.  A man who sees no reason to be diplomatic with foreign powers if he doesn’t feel like it that day.  A man who could ruin us all, and in a thousand different ways.

Last night, drunk and alone, I sang “America the Beautiful” and “The Star-Spangled Banner” with all the heart I had. I sang them to no one and to everyone, loud and strong, choking on my tears.  I sang them for what has been, and what could be, and what may be lost.  I sang them for those who died to give it to us.  I sang them for those who may never know what came before.  And I sang them for myself, to remember.  I sang them to cement them in my heart and memory, and I swore never to forget the words.

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