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Hi friends! Most of you know I do some podcast stuff here and there…I write for one here and used to be on one there, to be specific.

Go check both of them out, Unpops is the bomb dot com and is definitely taking over the world–move the fuck aside, Joe Rogan–and Tim at Everyone is Funnier Than Us is still better at long-form jokes and making geography interesting than anyone else in the podcast world.

Anyway, though…enough about everyone else. This is about me.

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Tough Times for Comedians

Tough Times for Comedians | Comic Wisdom

I can’t be the only comedian out there who is having, like, a really hard time being funny lately, right?

The thing about funny people is we tend to make jokes to deal with awful things, not because our lives are going swimmingly or anything.  I mean I’m assuming most of you know someone who is a comic or at least tells a lot of jokes and I’m guessing they tend to tell jokes even during hard times.  Probably to the point of being inappropriate, just statistically speaking (comedians are assholes, is what I’m saying).

And if you don’t know anyone like that, just think of, say, Chandler Bing.  “Oh, my best friend is going through a divorce?  Better crack a joke instead of consoling him.”

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