Why Do We Feel Alone? A Marxist Perspective

Marxism and Alienation from Nature | Comic Wisdom


We’ve all experienced loneliness, isolation and alienation in our lives, in one form or another. Some of us have dealt with more extreme examples: being disowned by our families; abused by a lover; abandoned by the system (homeless, jobless, thrown in prison, refused rehabilitation, left fighting for ourselves in foster care, etc); mistreated because of our skin color or gender identity or ability; the list goes on.

But even those of us fortunate enough to have avoided the most dramatic alienation have still felt it in some way. We have been single and lonely and unsure how to meet friends or lovers. We have felt lost at our jobs like we’re just wasting our lives. We have felt a lack of control and connection with our bodies. We have felt a sorrowful longing for the earth and nature. We have been in a room full of people and felt even more alone than when we’re by ourselves.

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