Just Delete It: A Minimalist-Ish Guide to De-Cluttering

Just Delete It: A Minimalist-Ish Guide to De-Cluttering | Comic Wisdom


I guess this isn’t really about politics or social issues, but about general wellbeing, so if you usually come here for that stuff feel free to skip this one.  I get it.

But you might find this post relevant to your own life and how it relates to dealing with politics and social issues.

Because here’s the thing.  I’ve been an activist for several years now, mainly writing and doing other online promotion and discussion of major social issues as I was isolated and moving frequently.  More recently, though–more or less since Trump won the Republican primary election–I’ve been involved in a deeper way, both in my activism and my personal life.

Since his inauguration I have, in fact, reevaluated my political beliefs, joined a political activist organization, and rearranged my entire life around this enormous new project.  On top of the tripled burden of keeping up with and analyzing the news that came with the election and hasn’t slowed down for a second, I now have regular weekly meetings, nearly-weekly protests, marches or extra meetings, and hours and hours of reading to do with this organization.

All that on top of my full-time job, my second part-time job, this blog, my podcast, my friends and family, my boyfriend, and my cats…well, it was hitting me hard.

Like, I’ve been sick 12 of the past 21 days.

I realized I had to clean up my life.  So I started with a few areas I knew I had control over.


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