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Hi friends! Most of you know I do some podcast stuff here and there…I write for one here and used to be on one there, to be specific.

Go check both of them out, Unpops is the bomb dot com and is definitely taking over the world–move the fuck aside, Joe Rogan–and Tim at Everyone is Funnier Than Us is still better at long-form jokes and making geography interesting than anyone else in the podcast world.

Anyway, though…enough about everyone else. This is about me.

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Everyone Is Funnier Than Us – Ep. 12: Now With 12% More Cat

Kitty Sleeping | Comic Wisdom

Haven’t downloaded the latest episode of the hottest new podcast to grace the airwaves? You should click on one of the links below to download this episode now. We’re also available on Pocket Casts.  Subscribe a little, maybe.

Google Play Music

Or, if you’re one of those “listens in your browser” weirdos, here it is for you:

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Play “Would You Rather?” With Tim & Sam


Have you been listening to my podcast with Tim Baughman of That Tiny Website fame, Everyone Is Funnier Than Us?  If you haven’t, you should do that now.  We can be found on iTunes, Google Play Music, and Pocket Casts, and of course you can also listen in your web browser if you’d like!

We’re sorta funny!

Once you’re caught up to the latest episode, Ep. 8 – Science…Get On That (or hell, skip around, see if I care), play “Would You Rather?” with us!

We answered a series of 6 WYR questions on this week’s episode.  We each submitted 3, and 2 of them are holiday-themed.  They’re fun.  Play along by answering in these polls!


WYR: Give Hugh Hefner a BJ or eat a live tarantula?
Heffy BJ
0 Vote
2 Vote


WYR: Have one hand that is a bucket or one leg that is a ladder?
1 Vote
1 Vote


WYR: Christmas music and decor be up year round, or have to celebrate a different winter holiday than your usual (eg if you celebrate Christmas, have to celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanzaa) from now on instead?
Christmas All Year
1 Vote
New Holiday
1 Vote


WYR: Have the mind of a 5 year old but the body of an 80 year old or the mind of an 80 year old but the body of a 5 year old?
5 in 80\'s body
0 Vote
80 in 5\'s body
2 Vote


WYR: listen to “Firework” by Katy Perry on repeat 10 hrs/day for the rest of your life, or subsist entirely on Saltine crackers and fried ants for the rest of your life?
I feel like a plastic bag, give me \"Firework\"
1 Vote
Saltines & ants, please
1 Vote


WYR: Be a mall Santa Claus once a year every Christmas Eve for three hours or be forced to watch your least favorite holiday film on repeat for the 24 hours leading up to every Christmas?
Mall Santa
2 Vote
Least Favorite Holiday Film
0 Vote


Thanks for playing!  We will discuss the results on our next episode, so stay tuned!

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Everyone Is Funnier Than Us – Ep. 5: The Serious Episode

Everyone Is Funnier Than Us: Ep. 5 - The Serious Episode | Comic Wisdom

In this episode of Everyone Is Funnier Than Us, me and Tim tackle some of the fears and sources of fear that many have following the US Presidential election.

Also I sing and it’s embarrassing and probably the only funny part of the episode.



You can listen here or you can listen, subscribe and rate on iTunes, Google Play, and Pocket Casts!


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Everyone Is Funnier Than Us – Ep. 1: Dating Horror Stories

First Podcast with Tim Baughman | Comic Wisdom




which doesn’t have a name yet

or a clear direction

just me, Tim Baughman, Tim’s radio skills, my totally irrelevant podcast expertise, and between the two of us, one decent sense of humor and some good stories.

Give it a listen, and then, if you love me (or him, I guess), give us some feedback!

Please.  We are begging.  I’ve even made it easy for you with specific questions, which you can see below.



  1. What the hell should we call this thing?
  2. Ideas for how to get it online for free?  Soundcloud charges after a bit, like 190 minutes I think.  Should I host it on my blog?  Do I have room?  Right now we have it on archive.org which is fine but is that where boring podcasts go to die?  I know nothing about it but that’s just what it sounds like.
  3. Where should we submit it?  Google Play, iTunes…that’s all I’ve got.  Halp.
  4. Are we interesting or funny, like, at all?
  5. If it’s terrible, do you still love us?
  6. What kinds of topics do you want to hear about?
  7. Any other sage advice?  We’ll take anything you’ve got.


Thank you.  You are all beautiful elegant swans.

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