Free Speech: What It Is And Is Not

Free Speech: What It Is And Is Not | Comic Wisdom


UC Berkeley, CA: Feb 1, 2017 – Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart editor, alt-right spokesman, deliverer of unabashed hate speech, and known to dox trans and undocumented students at his rallies, was scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley.  Students gathered by the hundreds–more than 1,500 were there–to protest.

A small group of anarchists, most of whom were not students at Berkeley, became violent during the protests.  They used “black bloc” tactics, which drew negative media attention, putting other protestors, especially the marginalized and vulnerable, in danger, and generally participated in undemocratic behavior that changed the tone of the entire protest at the decision of the marginal few.

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Silence is Complicity: Speak the Fuck Out, My Friends

Silence is Complicity: Speak the Fuck Out, My Friends | Comic Wisdom

Most Germans were completely aware of what was happening during the Holocaust.  They knew Jewish, gypsy/Romani, LGBTQ, disabled, communist, and trade unionist folks, along with dissenters and criminals and more, were systematically imprisoned, tortured, slaughtered, and entirely dehumanized.

Most Germans also allowed themselves to be desensitized to this; allowed it to be normalized; allowed their ingrained biases and hatred of others to be taken advantage of for this to happen.

Most Germans lived relatively normal lives during the war.  They had jobs, families, parties, birthdays, school, homes, and so on.  They could ignore what was happening to their fellow humans, and ignore they did.

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